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Today I’d like to talk about some products from Freedom Grooming that I’ve been trying out recently. I’ll show you what I’ve been using and share my thoughts and feedback. Let’s jump into it. 

Freedom Grooming offers three different kits on its website: the Best Buzz Kit, the Clean Cut Kit, and the Shave Essentials Kit. Each one contains several products. The front of each package says “Quick, close, clean, and precise,” and the back says “Anti-nick technology, waterproof, all hair types, manscape friendly, zero mess, and portable.” Inside, the package says, “Your head will thank you.” You’ll also receive a leaflet with further instructions.

FlexSeries Device & Attachments

Freedom Grooming - Head Shaver

The FlexSeries device is amazing; it has a five-blade rotary head for a super clean shave. It also comes with an exfoliating brush and pre-shave massager attachments to pamper yourself by removing dead skin cells and giving yourself a massage before you shave. They also provide a precision trimmer with three different size guards to help you achieve your desired length and a nose and ear hair trimmer attachment. As with most grooming devices, the FlexSeries comes with a USB charger.

Freedom Grooming
Freedom Grooming Honest Review

This device offers the fastest shave ever. According to Freedom Grooming‘s website, the five-plate technology cuts over 50% more hair than a regular razer per stroke with zero risk of cuts or bumps. Shave comfortably at the skin level, unlike normal razors that cut hair under the skin. The blades catch and collect cut hairs, allowing you to shave anywhere with no mess.

Shaving Creams & Oils

Freedom Grooming Shaving Creams & Oils

I’ve been using the FlexSeries device on my body, and it’s amazing. I love how many different functions it offers. You can shave, exfoliate, and massage your skin with one device. They also provide shaving cream in a sandalwood scent. It has an amazing texture and smell, and it’s very easy to take care of your hair after applying it. The sandalwood-scented preshave oil is perfect for preventing irritation. I tried it out on myself, and it feels quite high-quality. Your skin feels so soothed. The lightweight aftershave lotion is perfect for preventing further irritation post-shave. 

Freedom Grooming Shaving Cream Sandal Wood
Freedom Grooming Aftershave Lotion Sandal Wood

Usually, I mention the upsides and downsides when I talk about a particular grooming product, but there aren’t many downsides to the Freedom Grooming FlexSeries. The price may be a bit too much for some people, but you get a lot of bang for your buck with all of the different functions. I’m also hooking you guys up with a code for 15% off all Freedom Grooming products. If you’re looking for a specialized trimmer that can also exfoliate and massage, you’ll be getting a steal on the best trimmer on the market. If you’d like to check it out, I will have it linked below with the discount code.

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Get 15% OFF Freedom Grooming with discount code JUNAID15

Unlock My Discount

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