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Most of you are probably here because you’ve been hurt or are going through a difficult time. Maybe you feel like you’re too emotional and are looking for help. Today, I’ll go over some tricks and tips that you can use to become more emotionless. Let’s jump in.

1. Be Less Empathetic

Empathy is very important. We need to be empathetic to ourselves and others to feel fulfilled, but being too empathetic can leave you feeling empty and wounded. Giving too much value without receiving anything back may put too much pressure on your shoulders and cause emotional damage. To have more control over your life, be less empathetic, and care more about yourself. I’m not saying to only care about yourself, but prioritize your emotions over others’.

2. Stop Being Available

To become more emotionless, you also need to implement strategies to become a little more heartless. Prioritize yourself before others and don’t be available for other people when they’re going through a difficult time. Being constantly available can lead you to take on the pressure of your own struggles as well as the problems of others. You won’t pick up their emotions if you’re unavailable. If you’re here, you’re probably very emotional and care too much about others. If someone shares their difficulties with you, you feel for them and pick up the same emotions, which can hurt your physical and mental health.

3. Let Go of Internal Pressure

It sucks when you value someone’s opinion and they say something negative about you. I believe we have to take control of our lives, but other people’s words shouldn’t emotionally affect us. You don’t have to feel bad about it if someone hurts you. I know emotions don’t always work this way, but the better you understand this concept, the stronger you’ll be. The next time you feel bad about yourself when someone voices a negative opinion, ask yourself if it’s something you can change and try to see it as feedback. Use it as motivation to better yourself, but let it go if you can’t do anything about it. It’s pointless to get worked up about this stuff because we’ve all been handed certain cards in life, and the truth is some people have better cards than others. If you’ve got some cards you can’t change, there’s no reason to feel bad.

4. Avoid Social Stress

If you’re a naturally reserved or shy person, you might feel a need to prove yourself. When some shy people try to stretch their comfort zone, they go too far and end up feeling very emotional. They’re trying to do something that feels intense and assume everyone is looking at them. If you extend your comfort zone too much, you might feel embarrassed, guilty, or scared. If this sounds like you, try to stretch your social comfort zone a little at a time.

5. Put Yourself First

You’re probably more emotional than the average person, so you need to put yourself first to avoid constantly being in an emotional state. You can avoid potentially emotional conversations with other people by putting yourself first.  You can focus on yourself, allowing you to understand yourself a bit better and become less emotional.

6. Listen without Emotions

When most emotional people are part of a conversation, they imagine how it would feel to be in the other person’s shoes. Imagining yourself in someone else’s difficult situation will cause you to feel their emotions as if they were yours. Your subconscious and your conscious mind can’t tell the difference. You’re tricking your brain into thinking the feelings are yours. Next time you have an emotional conversation, try to show empathy without imagining the problems are yours.

7. Cut Out Toxic People

If you’re surrounded by people who constantly complain about life and overshare everything they do to make sure you feel their pain, you might need to consider hanging out less with those individuals. Spending a lot of time with highly emotional people will cause you to become more emotional. They say that you’re the average of the five people closest to you, so if emotional people always surround you, you’ll start to view emotionless as the norm and become more emotional yourself. I’m not telling you to get rid of those people completely. I’m just suggesting you hang out with them less.

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Stay emotionally strong, and I’ll see you in the next blog post! Remember, you’ve got this! 😊👊

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