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In this blog, I want to compare ESNTLS with Aetos Apparel. After all, it’s finally time.  I’ve checked out both of these brands for a couple of months now. And in this blog, I want to compare the clothes in terms of pricing, fit and overall quality.

I do want to put out a quick Disclaimer. So when it comes to the ESNTLS, I got them for free from the ESNTLS team to make a review video. When it comes to this blog, it will have no impact when it comes to my thoughts and opinions about the brand. I did purchase the Aetos apparel clothes myself. I just wanted to be transparent about it. I’ve tried out the sports shirt, the scuba shorts, the scuba shirt, the cargo pants, and the heavyweight hoodie from ESNTLS.

And in regards to Aetos apparel, I’ve tried out the iconic long sleeve T in black, the iconic long sleeve tee in Sage green, and the iconic short sleeve T in Stone Gray. So since Aetos Apparel is quite a new brand, they only offer T-shirts at the moment. But when it comes to ESNTLS, they offer all sorts of products. So now, let me quickly go over all of the ESNTLS products and give you more honest thoughts and feedback. And also that I’ll do the same with Aetos apparel. And finally, I’ll compare both brands.


So let’s start with the ESNTLS sports shirt. So this is a white shirt that I got on their site in a medium. And when it comes to this T-shirt, I’ve worn it numerous times when I was going to the gym. And the thing that I like about this T-shirt is that it’s very lightweight and very breathable. And thus, whenever I had an intense gym workout, the shirt ensured that I wasn’t sweating too much. And at the same time, this shirt doesn’t stink after a workout. So the performance of this T-shirt it’s amazing. However, when it comes to the fit of this T-shirt, it’s a little bit too big around my shoulder and arm area. Perhaps I should have gotten it in size S, but usually, they’re perfect in size M.


The following two products from ESNTLS are the Scuba shorts and shirt. And I’m going to be honest about these two products because I’ve barely worn them over the last few months. After all, the weather hasn’t been that great in the UK. And that’s why I’m just straight up and transparent because I don’t feel like I’m qualified to talk about these products since I haven’t worn them.

The following ESNTLS product is the cargo pants. This is a product that I love because when it comes to cargo pants, I always love their design and find them quite aesthetically pleasing. However, when it comes to most cargo pants, I feel like there’s too much detail for you to wear in everyday occurrences.

However, it is very minimal when it comes to the ESNTLS Cargo Pants design. But at the same time, it does have some key features which make it very stylish. And when it comes to these black cargo pants by ESNTLS, I’ve been rocking them quite a lot when it comes to going to University, going out with mates, or any other activity where cargo pants are appropriate. And the reason that I like these cargo pants a lot is not only because the quality is excellent, the design is relatively minimal, but also because it has some key features that will make them look more stylish. And when it comes to the fit of the cargo pants, in my opinion, the fit is amazing since it complements my glutes and, at the same time, makes sure it’s tight in the areas where it should be tight.


The next ESNTLS item that I’ve tried out is the heavyweight hoodie. I love the color of it, the design of this heavyweight hoodie is unique relative to quite a lot of hoodies in terms of the fit of this product. But at the same time, the quality of the product is also amazing. Although the quality of this hoodie is phenomenal, one downside that I’ve seen in terms of this hoodie is the stitching. I have noticed that you can see the lack of appropriate stitching in some areas of this hoodie. I’m not sure whether this issue happened to be on my hoodie or very common, but I wanted to let you guys know. But besides this issue, the hoodie is suitable.


And now I’d like to talk about the Aetos apparel items. I want to talk about the iconic long sleeve tee in black, which I’m currently wearing. And when it comes to this iconic long sleeve tee, in my previous video on YouTube, I complained about the fit in terms of this brand, and I still stand behind my words. However, one thing did change after I washed this long sleeve tee for the first time. I did notice that  it changed a little bit because this long-sleeved tee shrunk a little bit, and this was only by a marginal amount. It’s not like this T-shirt just shrunk too much. The change was very minimal. After that, it hasn’t gotten any tighter, and the one area that I felt like this T-shirt was too big was under the triceps. But besides that, when it comes to this iconic long sleeve tee, it’s very good because I’m not going to lie relative to the other Aetos items that I’m just going to talk about in a minute. When it comes to this T-shirt, hands down, this is the item that I’ve been wearing the most besides the ESNTLS cargo pants, and the outfit looks fantastic.

But I looped back to the Aetos T. When it comes to this Aetos Apparel T-shirt, in my opinion, the quality is a lot better than all of the ESNTLS items because I’ve been washing it a lot, and I’ve been wearing it on a consistent basis. But when it comes to the quality of this product, it’s still intact. I can barely see any diminishment.

The next Aetos apparel item is the iconic long sleeve tee in Sage green, and it’s pretty much the same item, like the black T, just in a different color. I don’t feel like that I need to repeat myself since I’ve worn the black T shirt more than the Sage green T shirt and they’re pretty much the same T shirts.


Following the Sage green T-shirt is the iconic short-sleeve T-shirt in stone Gray. So when it comes to the stone Gray T-shirt, in my opinion, just like the other T-shirts from Aetos Apparel, the fit was a tiny bit off, which is unfortunate. However, I know that when it comes to Aetos apparel, feedback is key to their products and thus they might make slight adjustments when it comes to the T-shirt. The elasticity of this T-shirt is phenomenal; you can definitely tell that the quality of this T-shirt is excellent. However, when it comes to the fit of this T-shirt, it is slightly lacking. And the reason for this might be because I’m more on the lean, athletic side rather than being quite well built. Perhaps I need to size it down a little bit. So I’m not sure whether I’m the only one facing an issue with the fit in terms of this product. Anyways, enough about Aetos apparel.


So now I’d like to compare the brand ESNTLS with Aetos apparel. They both have a premium price for the items; the pricing is premium because you can always find a more affordable alternative if you go to H&M or any other shop. But what separates these two brands from your ordinary clothes is how they’ve designed these products. The fit is very different relative to your everyday T-shirt. And at the same time, in terms of quality, these two brands are a lot superior to H&M.

When it comes to fit, in terms of ESNTLS and Aetos apparel, I like the ESNTLS a little bit better, but most likely this might be because they’ve been long in this game. Because I still remember when ESNTLS had its first two launches. I do remember that some complaints were made around this area of this T-shirt and thus they did adjust it and over time they’ve tried to perfect the items. Maybe that’s why I feel that the cargo pants have such a fantastic fit. The heavyweight hoodie has such a fantastic fit. However, at the same time, in terms of the heavyweight hoodie, I did see some issues in terms of the stitching. Honestly, it’s not something huge, but I still feel like I owe it to you guys to mention it since it is quite an expensive item, and you do expect the best of the best.

So moving on to the quality of both of these items, I have to give it to Aetos apparel. So the reason for this is that although ESNTLS also has very good quality, in my opinion, after wearing the Aetos apparel T-shirts for a very long period, you see a slight difference because the color of the items stayed in check. But quality for ESNTLS has diminished a little bit. And it’s not like I’m saying that the quality of the ESNTLS items is bad, but Aetos apparel is superior. At the moment, I feel that the ESNTLS items have slightly better fit. Although it doesn’t mean that Aetos apparel is bad because you do need to remember that it’s quite a new brand and thus I do feel that if they are able to make the product fit a little bit better, then, in my opinion, Aetos apparel will be the better choice because the quality is superior than ESNTLS. But the only thing lacking in my opinion is that the fit isn’t optimal at the moment.

Nevertheless, I still absolutely love these Aetos Apparel T-shirts. I’ve been wearing it frequently over the last few months and the quality still stayed in check. So if you have any questions, please let me know in the comments down below.

Anyways, thank you so much for reading this review. I appreciate your time and hope to see you next time.

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