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How to make her attracted, aroused, and fall in love

If there is a woman right now that you really want to have…

… Or if you just want to feel what it’s like to be completely adored by a woman. To have her worship the ground you walk on. To have her hanging on your every word.

Then you’re in the right place. Below, I will give you a simple strategy to make women attracted, excited, and in love… just by using your mouth. To talk to her;)

Enjoy it. And use it responsibly.

Junaid on a date
Junaid on a date

What makes a woman attracted?

Junaid listening to music

Before I give you the sentences to evoke these feelings in her, I want to first explain the female psychology behind these sentences.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you probably know that things like appearance, height, age, and weight matter little when it comes to attraction.

Attraction is emotional.

Antonio Damasio published a book in 1994 titled “Descartes’ Error“. In this book, he provides various examples of individuals with brain damage to the prefrontal cortex (the emotional center of the brain).

When these people have no (or reduced) emotions, it becomes impossible for them to make decisions. Without emotions, you can’t even make choices.

So, decision-making is not a rational but an emotional process. It’s not the factual observation, but the emotional context that determines their decisions.

In other words, she doesn’t think logically, but her emotions dictate her choice.

Certainly gives you something to think about…

What if you could influence a woman’s emotions?

Then you can also influence every decision she makes.

When it comes to attraction, there are several elements that are attractive to every (mentally healthy) woman.

These “triggers” are evolutionarily determined.

Photo: @laegolasly

In ancient times, a woman was entirely dependent on a man for survival. Choosing a partner meant choosing between life and death. Did you fall for a weakling? Then an elephant would eat you, or a tiger would crush you – or vice versa.

Natural selection has thus programmed women to be attracted to certain character traits.

For 200,000 years, a woman’s entire quality of life has depended on a man. 70 years of feminism hasn’t suddenly erased that biological predisposition.

She wants a man who behaves like a man

Deep down, she wants a man who behaves just as little like a woman as you are attracted to tomboys.

And what does ‘behaving like a man’ mean, then?

Below are those 6 elements explained visually:

By communicating these elements to her, you influence her emotional process, and consequently, her decisions.

So what I am going to teach you below is how to say things that trigger her emotions.

Enter the 49 sentences

Below, we will give you the 49 sentences you want to have in your repertoire.

You can use them on dates, in clubs, during the day, and certainly when you’re dating a woman or even already in a relationship.

Bookmark this page, save it on your smartphone, or even print it so you can review it more often (Protip: On a date when you go to the restroom).

Sentences to make her invest

Element: Effort, Strength

A requirement for attraction is that someone invests in you. The more time, energy, and effort we invest in something, the more we value it.

We often notice with our clients that they forget this in their conversations with women because they’re preoccupied with a thousand other things in their heads.

But a woman who doesn’t invest in the conversation with you will also never respect you because she doesn’t have to make an effort for you.

A simple way to address this is by using Confusion Questions.

Confusion Questions

You use confusion questions for two reasons:

You use them to confuse the person you’re talking to and at the same time, let them know that you don’t just accept everything blindly.

This subconsciously gives her the feeling that she has to work harder to earn your respect.

For example, if she says, “I’m a lawyer.” And you respond with, “Haha, seriously; what’s your real job?” Then she thinks to herself, “Huh, why doesn’t he believe me? Does he think I’m stupid, or is there another reason why he doesn’t just accept this?”

When she then tries to convince you, she invests more, and as a result, you rise in her eyes in value.

  • If this story is true, I’ll marry you.
  • Are you saying this to impress me? Or is this really true?
  • You’re just saying this to be cool.

Sentences that are over the top

Element: Strength, Fun

Ilker: When I first started learning about seduction and devoured every book on the topic, followed every coach, and could literally recite hours of material, there was one thing that completely amazed me.

And that was that there was this Pakistani guy from Netherlands (Junaid) who spouted the most cheesy lines you could think of to women… and it WORKED.

How can you say something like:

  • “I’m afraid I’ll have a seizure from your colorful shirt. I would appreciate it if you took it off.” or:
  • “I find you so attractive that I would even do you sober.”

When I read it, I thought Junaid was just making things up.

But a week later, when I went out with him and listened to his conversations… I was sold.

To this day, this is the most brilliant thing I’ve ever come across. If I were to teach you a conversational technique, it would be this one.


Firstly, because women LOVE it. Not just a little bit. It’s as if a switch flips in her brain, and she literally doesn’t know what to do at that moment. She has to laugh first – because it’s funny. Then she wonders if you’re serious about it? No, because you say it in a sarcastic tone. Are you teasing her?

She doesn’t know what to do anymore. You completely throw her out of her normal ‘date rhythm.’ The pattern she’s in gets completely disrupted.

What follows is that she becomes highly impressionable, and you can steer the conversation to the atmosphere and outcome you want.

If you consider the 6 elements, I can explain it better:

  1. Strength: Only confident men dare to say something like this. Check.
  2. Sex. You introduce sex into the conversation and say (with some sentences) that you would do her.
  3. Effort. Your date is no longer a ‘standard’ date at a glance, but a date where you’re clearly flirting with her and even seem to be fooling her. She will make an effort to regain control of the conversation and test you. This is very, very good.
  4. Fun. These sentences are funny. Hilarious even if you deliver them in the right way.
  5. Connection. You won’t always get a direct connection through these lines, but often these lines lead to topics of conversation where you can make this connection. Also on a sexual level.
  6. Safety. While saying these things, your body language is distant (as I explain in some of my courses, this disconnect between words and body language makes something funny). So you show that you can talk about sex without getting physically involved.

Okay, I’m going to give you some examples and stop typing about the details.

  • In response to the profession she tells you: “Wow, I’ve always wanted to [sleep with a lawyer/teacher/any random profession].”
  • Do you have a girlfriend? “Thanks for your interest, but I’d like to get to know you better first.”
  • Who are you here with? “With the most beautiful woman on the planet. I just forgot her name for a moment. What’s your name again?”
  • Where are you from? “It doesn’t matter where I’m from. What matters is that I’m here with you.”
  • Please tell me you’re nice too, so I can pretend I’m talking to you for your inner beauty.

Try the above sentences next time you have a date or when you’re trying to pick up a woman in a club or bar. It’s gold, and after this, you’ll thank Junaid with your bare feet for coming up with something so genius.

If you want more, there’s a lot in Junaid’s course “Social Mastery” (which he’s selling here at a discount). I’ll also give you sentences to accuse her of impure thoughts later on. They’re similar to these. But before I give you those, do you want to learn these first:

Sentences that make her fall in love

Element: Fun, Strength, Connection

Sentences that make a woman fall in love? No, they don’t exist in the sense that you can say them to a random chick on the street, and she’ll instantly fall for you. But they DO exist to make a woman fall in love with you over the course of an evening, a date, or a few dates.

What I’m going to teach you is something called the ‘Pygmalion Effect.’

1: The Pygmalion Effect

Element: Fun

Here’s how it works. Suppose you have a class full of children. In the experiment, they were young children because they are more malleable.

At the beginning of the school year, you have all the children take an IQ test. The test remains a secret to the teacher. You tell the teacher that a few students are smarter than the rest (20% selected randomly).

At the end of the year, you administer another IQ test. What happens? The students whom the teacher believes are smarter score higher.

What does this mean?

  1. Because the teacher has certain expectations of the students, he treats them differently (as special).
  2. The students, in turn, exhibit different behavior (they try harder to meet the teacher’s expectations).
  3. The teacher notices that they are behaving in a way that matches his expectations.
  4. Over time, the students gradually perform according to what is expected of them.

We have observed the same phenomenon with women. When you have high expectations of her and express them, she will eventually meet them. Unconsciously.

How to train her to be in love with you

So, what you want to do is remind her occasionally that she’s in love with you.

Here are some lines we use during nights out:

  • You fantasize about the moment when I propose to you. You would swear off all men for the rest of your life if you could spend one night with me.
  • You want to hold hands, share cookies, and skip hand in hand over the heath with me.
  • You don’t have to deny it; you want a house with me, you want a dog with me, you want a child with me, you want to marry me. That’s okay. I completely understand.
  • You want to parade me around as a trophy for your girlfriends.
  • You want to make your mother jealous with my beauty.

Use this when you’re already flirting. It’s obviously not serious.

This also means that you say it in a sarcastic/dry way, with the right body language.

Here are some examples of situations where you can use them:

A: When she says, “I don’t know if I like you” or if she says, “Hey, I’ve only just met you.”

B: When she seems nervous. If she stutters over a word or makes a mistake, say, “I understand, you’re just a little in love, and that’s why you’re nervous… that’s okay. I can see that all you can think about right now is holding hands, sharing cookies, and skipping hand in hand over the heath with me…”

C: In response to a question she didn’t ask. For example, she says, “I was thinking” or “Can I ask you something?”

It’s a great way to flirt. By planting the thought in her head, you help her feelings along. Often, you’ll see that women start playing along in this role-play.

2: Compliment interruptions

Element: Strength, Connection

These are cool compliments that you can make that come across as very genuine. You slip them in between your own sentences. So, you interrupt yourself to say this. (If you want to know more about this, I provide a lot of background information in the Conversational Ninja course, the link is at the bottom of this page).

What happens when you make these compliments is that she realizes that you are sincere and honest. That you find something about her so special that you just have to say it.

It comes across to her as if you find her special, which is very powerful. Especially if you ALSO show the typical ‘Badboy’ elements alongside these compliments.

Nothing is more attractive than a strong man who occasionally has a weak moment for her and can’t resist her.


  • Wow, you have a really nice smile.
  • Sorry, I’m getting distracted by your eyes.
  • Damn, I want to kiss you right now.

By the way, this last line is great for kissing her. Often, you’ll get a giggle before she moves her head towards you. Eye contact is required.

Sentences accusing her of impure thoughts

Element: Fun, effort, sex

You have learned two very strong techniques above.

  1. The ‘over the top’ lines that hit her like a bomb
  2. The trick to stop a thought in her head with the Pygmalion Effect.

What if you combine these two things?

Then you get these sentences. It’s a way to put ‘unclean thoughts’ in her head. In layman’s terms, accusing her of:

  • That she hits on you
  • That she’s trying to get you into bed
  • That she likes you
  • That she does her best for you
  • These lines are actually the opposite of the over the top sentences.

Over the top: “I’ve always wanted to fuck a lawyer.”

Accusing her: “I can see you thinking… I’ve always wanted to fuck a lawyer.”

Got it?

Here are some examples:

  • What a beautiful dress you have. So sweet of you to put it on especially for me.
  • You look like you’re one of those cougars who are here to score young boys.
  • Wow you talk fast. Take it easy, I already like you, you don’t have to try anymore.
  • One more comment like that and I’ll friendzone you forever.
  • Whoa, whoa, young lady. Hands at home. I don’t want to be treated like a piece of meat.
  • Don’t think I’ll fall for it. I know those women like you. You’re only after my body and if I give in you’ll never be heard from again.
  • When you smile you do that cute thing with your cheeks. Is this because you’re flirting with me or is it a nervous twitch? (No woman admits the latter).

The power of this is that you accuse HER of hitting on you. So the conversation suddenly turns to her doing her best. That she makes an effort.

And as you know, effort is one of the elements of attraction.

Sentences to twist

Element: Sex, fun

I hesitated for a long time about putting this in, because this is something you want to do in relationships (with your girlfriend).

Until I discovered that it also works extremely well with fuck buddies and women you date (from date 2/3).

What you will do is twist everyday words, comments and questions from her into a sexual meaning.

For example, if she says, “I really need to take a shower, I’m really too dirty right now,” then you say, “You can take all the showers in the world, but none are going to make you less dirty.”

It is funny. But above all, it ensures that sex remains in her mind and in your contact. Something that is always difficult in longer relationships.

The reason it works well for shorter relationships (women you date or fuck buddies) is that you say things to her that normally belong in relationships. So you are already playing her friend a bit, so to speak.

Here are lines I use:

  • May I ask you something? “Oh, already? I want to get to know you a little better first, honestly?”
  • I have an idea.. “I know, but it’s way too public here.”
  • I have something to tell you “I love you too, but I think it’s a little early to get married.”
  • That looks good. (when she’s talking about food, for example) “Thank you, I went to the gym this morning.”
  • Do you know what I would really want right now? “Okay, then, get on your knees.”

Use them daily. Women love to be treated as a sexual being by you (a man they are attracted to). Give her that ego boost.

Sentences to make a connection

Element: Connection, Security, Effort

Once a woman is attracted to you, it’s time to get to know each other better. You want to make a connection. You can also let her invest in this and show that she is safe with you.

You can use questions and comments for this. You use the comments to hint at some of the elements of attraction, or as a starting signal for a topic of conversation.

1: Comments

Element: Connection, Security

  • Do you have brothers or sisters? “I have the sweetest sister/brother in the whole world.” (Always say sister or brother, even when they are older. There is something protective about it. Being protective of family is a good character trait).
  • When she says something about traveling: “So you are adventurous. That’s great because then you can play travel guide later and make sure that me and our children are safe on holiday.”
  • When she tells something about a creative hobby or work: “So you are creative. Great, then later you can decorate our house and do crafts with the children.”
  • When she talks about sports: “So you are sporty. Very good. Then you can later become our sons’ football coach.”

These comments are perfect because you can immediately start talking about personal topics (children for example). You also talk about the future, which is over the top (humor) and makes her think about this subject – something she normally never does in a club/bar or on a first date. This ensures an extremely fast connection.

2: Questions

Element: Connection, Effort, Security

The second way to make a connection is to ask questions. This is the main way to connect with a woman.

It is important to do it at the right time. As a rule of thumb you can start after she is attracted to you. In a club this is after about ~10-15 minutes, or after you have kissed.

There are different levels of questions. You start with accessible, general questions. And gradually you make them more and more personal (if you have the Social Mastery course, check video 4 for a full explanation).

Level 1 questions:

  • What did you want to be when you were a child?
  • If you could wake up anywhere in the world, where would it be?
  • What is your biggest passion?

Once you get an answer, immediately ask, “Why?” This will make her explain the reason behind her answer, leading to a deeper conversation instead of a superficial interview.

You can also try to connect her answer to her character (e.g., “So, you were a caring person from a young age” or “I admire your ambition”).

You can even share your own anecdote, preferably something that shows you both are on the same wavelength.

After these surface-level questions, you can move on to Level 2. This works well on a first date, and even if you’ve been talking to a woman for more than 45 minutes while going to her/your place.

Level 2 questions:

  • What’s your quirkiest personality trait?
  • Which quality in yourself do you admire the most?
  • What’s the silliest thing you’ve ever done?

The following questions are more intimate. You can sometimes ask them at the end of a first date, depending on the atmosphere. After you’ve ended up in bed is also a good time (not for the second question, but the first one).

Level 3 questions:

  • How intimate and warm was your family? Do you feel like your childhood was happier than most people’s?
  • When was the last time you were in love?

Sentences to make her excited

Element: Sex, Security

Many men do not understand that it is very easy to turn a woman on.

And that you can do this WITHOUT touching her.

You do this with the following sentences. They get her excited, but they don’t seem intimidating. Make sure you do this at the right time, otherwise you will ruin it. My rule is after about 2 hours on a date/while going out. (There are some more details, which Junaid explains in the module 5 of Social Mastery if you have that course).

The goal with these sentences is to trigger her emotional memory. You ask her a question. And in her mind she imagines that situation. She thinks about what it was like, how she felt, and that makes her feel those same emotions in her body again.

And because she thinks about sex – good sex – she turns herself on.

Here are examples of questions you can ask:

  • When’s the last time you had really great sex?
  • Have you ever felt really horny and couldn’t have sex, and why was that?
  • What was the last time you really went crazy in bed and lost all your inhibitions?
  • What’s the most exciting place you’ve ever had sex?

Asking these questions slowly turns her on.

More importantly, this is also the perfect moment where you can show that she is safe with you. One of the essential elements of attraction. A woman needs security and a man who can protect her.

One of the most sensitive things for a woman is her sexual side. If she isn’t careful, she will be called easy, a slut, cheap or worse. In our modern society she (unfortunately) has a reputation to protect.

This means that she will not easily be open to others about these types of topics. Maybe they’ll spread the word about what she said in secret, and she’ll be known as ‘the woman who did…’.

So when you talk about sex with her, you want to show that you respect her and that you can be trusted. You do this by answering with an open mind and answering her questions yourself. So never judge or criticize her for an answer, but always be positive. This ensures that you build up a lot of trust with her and that she feels safe with you.

This were 49 sentences. I have a total of 718.

These 49 sentences work incredibly well. All you have to do is start using them in practice.

Because you’ve read them all, I want to do something for you.

And that is to give you 669 more sentences. So you’ll have even more that work in all sorts of specific situations. So you always know what to say, no matter what happens.

All those sentences are in our course called “Social Mastery”.

You’ll then see that you’ll get incredible results with it.

Women going home with you from the bar or club.

First dates ending up in your bed. Women hanging on your every word.

And it’s not just us who’ve had these results.

Men who’ve gone before you and applied this in practice:

And this guy had a threesome thanks to Social Mastery:

And now you can do this too.

Because you’re motivated to apply this now, I have something special for you.

I’m giving you my entire Social Mastery course with a 53% discount. You won’t pay $99 but only $47.

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